First Post in 6 (?!) Yrs! – My Leg.

Well it certainly has been a long time since the Kitten said anything here so I think I’ll give it a go.

Some catching up on what’s been happening and why all my readers have been clamoring for an update is needed. On Dec 20, 2012 I was walking from my car to the store. I kept close to the car-butts and thought I had a sharp eye out because it was rainy. Suddenly, out of the blue I was knocked down and before my brain went loop-the-loop, I realized there was a car slowly creeping up my left leg! I banged on the car, and screamed “STOP!!” several times. The next thing I remember was being completely alone (shock is weird, the were lots of witnesses.) Thinking I’d just fallen, I tried to get up. I couldn’t and ended up spinning myself around trying to do so until I laughingly gave up, shouting to the heavens, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” That, to me, was the funniest part, thinking of that old commercial and feeling no pain. Yet.

Well I managed to call my boyfriend who ran down there (a good 2miles,) and drove my car to the hospital as I was being transported via an aid car. When we got there they immediately took me for X-rays, then back to a room where I was given the drug that Michael Jackson ODed on. Hoo boy! Crazy drug indeed! I felt no pain but they couldn’t shut me up. If you know me, you know that’s not unusual. I thought my son was there (why would he be? He was 17, he didn’t want to see his mother like that!) Anyway they set the bones – turned out the car had snapped both my lower leg bones in half – surgery was over 5 hours but I’ve still got my leg!

Insurance wouldn’t pay for rehab so I don’t walk right anymore, use a cane, am in constant pain, and worst of all, I can’t do the Twist or Pony anymore!! One day…

And the main reason I’ve not blogged in ages is that I forgot. Not the Steve Martin “I forgot!” either!